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The Overtone Ticketing Solution enables you to securely find and buy tickets for events.

You earn cash by inviting your friends, fans, mailing-lists or website visitors to buy tickets too. read more...

Buying Tickets FAQ

No more fuss. With Overtone you have one ticket for life. the ticket is you. Simply add more events to your season pass.

As you buy tickets they are sent to you by email to print out or you can simply login to your mobile account.

Yes. You can buy tickets from your mobile phone. Recharge your Overtone Credits account to make it easier for you to buy additional tickets on the go.

You ticket is always available on your mobile phone. Simply visit from your phone and log in. Your unique barcode and upcoming events are always available for you.

If the event is cancelled then you get your money back as Overtone Credit to use on another event. We do not pay cancelled events back into your actual bank account.

Your refund as Overtone Credit will reflect the full ticket amount less our standard ticket processing fee.

If the event is cancelled at the last minute then you (the ticket buyer) will need to let us know.

Simply leave a comment on the events page. You help us ensure that false promoters don't get paid and that you get your money back.

You have 7 Days after the event to tell us that it did not happen.

Overtone charges a nominal Ticket processing fee for each order and payment that you make.
This fee is dependent on the payment route you select when you check out.

You can spend Overtone Credit on any events listed or any other Overtone product that is listed here. Your Overtone Credit value is based on the exchange rate given for your currency. Overtone Credit is not sent back to your actual bank account and may only be used on our system.

Every time you refer a new friend to Overtone, using your unique affiliate link, they are associated with your account.

Each time they buy a ticket you earn R1 or 20% of our ticket processing fee. Your earnings are credited to your account as Overtone credit.

You will continue to earn from your referrals for one year from every purchase that your friends make on Overtone.

You can have your pocket money linked to Overtone .. simply set up your direct debit or Paypal subscription to your Overtone account. Set the total monthly amount you would like recharged as Overtone Cash and you are done.

You can then buy tickets for you and your friends or family any time you like.

If you refer lots of friends using your unique affiliate ID and they are buying tickets each month you will enjoy ongoing earnings too.

* Share Overtone with your friends and earn each time they buy tickets.

As a registered user you are automatically given your own unique referral link.

Each time you use your affiliate link to promote an event Overtone tracks each new user that registers as a direct result of your marketing efforts.

These users are associated with your account for a whole year and every time they buy something on Overtone we pay you one Overtone credit.

Promote events via Facebook, Twitter, via emails & newsletters, your websites or blogs, or anywhere that you can think of.

EXAMPLE: If you have invited 100 friends to join Overtone and they each buy 5 tickets a month.. then you will earn R6000 in Overtone Credits a year.

Yes. Your Ticket is secure.

Event organisers may require you to provide a valid form of Identification at the door.
You will need to have your mobile ticket or ticket printout with you when you go to your event.

Event organisers will be able to verify you in a number of ways.

Photo ID comparison from your Ticket ID image,
Mobile phone number.
By standard ID check.
Secret password confirmation on a keypad provided to prove authentication.

Once your ticket has been scanned at the door your ticket bar-code will not work again for the same event.

If there are more than ticket for an event on your bar-code then you will have to arrive at the same time.

Once your ticket has been scanned at the door and you have been authenticated with a valid form of ID, your ticket bar-code will not work again for the same event.

If the event organiser is using a list system then you will have your name crossed off the list on arrival.

Keep your Ticket safe and always provide a valid ID.

If you have brought tickets for your friends and there is more than one ticket associated with your barcode then you will have to arrive at the same time.

If you have ordered and paid for the wrong ticket then unfortunately the only thing you can do is go to the event.. and try to use your ticket and Overtone ID to get someone else in, and that's only if the promoter agrees to let you.

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds of any kind for that sort of error. There are a number of checkout stages that should give you ample time to ensure you are ordering the right stuff.

Yes. You can register a new PayPal account easily online at .

You can receive payments on PayPal and easily top up your account using your credit card.

PayPal is secure and is used by many millions of people all over the world.

You can link your PayPal account to your FNB bank account and withdraw your cash normally.

You can request payments using PayPal ... so you can ask your friends and family to send you cash and then buy tickets on Overtone.

The only minor issue is that you need to think in USD since PayPal does not use ZAR as one of its currencies. Overtone exchanges all your orders into USD using the daily exchange rate if you opt for PayPal as your payment route.

So.. give it a go.

Or .. if you are really determined to use ZAR with your South Africa credit Card.. then click here